The Philosophy of Shaving


I watch the shadows cross,

As time slips,


Inside your inner eye,

 I set to carefully,


Tracing my blade across your skin,

Shaving away the remnants,

Of  yet another  of your,

Earth bound days.

Removing all evidence ,

Of this,

Your external life.

As my blade scrapes,

I wonder what  shapes,

It makes for you,

Inside your inner realm.

I wonder who I am to you?

If indeed I am to you.

Or Am I to you,

Little more than,

An eternally hungry  ghost

Endlessly only ever,

Haunting over the outside of you,

As my blade contours of your face?

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18 thoughts on “The Philosophy of Shaving

  1. Thank you for your words. I actually wrote this about the mixed emotions I experience while shaving my son in the mornings. I often wonder what he’s thinking and feeling. Whether he likes it or simply endures it.? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Hope this revelation doesn’t ruin the poem for you. Cheers Seventh.

      • I’m starting a publishing company just so I can publish my poems–my journey toward identity as I was diagnosed. I will probably sell 5 copies, and it sure won’t make me rich, but I want to share my journey with other women who may be going through the same. Seems to me that you are another uncommon (and excellent) voice who could use some outlets. email me if you are interested in talking about it: editor @ burningravenpress. com (without the spaces).

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  4. i have not yet experience this yet with my son, because he is only 5, but i know one day i will, and when i do, ill be thinking about this poem and how amazing u made it.

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