Colors of Life

Have you ever heard the phrase “being in the pink of health”?

It got me wondering,

If good health is pink  and depression is ‘blue ‘,

Then what’s the color equivalent ,

For people who are neither ‘in the pink’ nor blue?

Are they purple?

Or some other shade of in-between?

If illness makes you ‘green around the gills’

Then what’s the color for people who are healthy,

Yet feel a little ill?

Pinkish green?

Now that’s a bruise.

And what’s the color for pregnancy?

Yes we all know about the reproductive glow,

But what color is it exactly,

That’s meant to represent the ‘blush’ or the ‘bloom’?

It’s got to be a color deeper than the red,

Of the aptly named ‘hot head’,

It’s got to be a color that grows

And flows with time,

Absorbing  the green and blue,

Yet still remaining true.

Pink, Red, Green & Blue,

Just what is the color

Of pregnancies hues?

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8 thoughts on “Colors of Life

  1. Not sure about the “glow of pregnancy” but when I do or say something stupid my kids always go “DUH..MY NAME IS LEN AND MY FAVORITE COLOR IS CLEAR” their way of making fun of mom!

    Love the way your mind thinks when you write..astonishing!

  2. Seventhvoice, thank you for posting this! I have often asked myself the very same questions where colours and expressions are concerned.

    • Yes I often wonder about the way we color our words. Sometimes we choose to color words for ourselves but other times we just seem to accept age old convention. Health pink, depression blue, illness green and so on…. but somethings just seem to defy any one particular color…. Pregnancy, I think contains a spectrum of color.

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