The Alchemical Necklace…… Science of the Soul

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The hidden umbilicus

That connects us all,

In one concentric line,

Dividing up neatly,

The sins,

Of the fathers,

From the sins,

Of the mothers.

Becoming the divine,

Genetic marker,

The physiological bible,

Of all inheritance,

The double helix of life.

Microscopically measured,

Defined and refined,

Giving both cause,

And effect,

But where in this,



Alchemical necklace,

Is the soul?

On what wrung,

Of the molecular ladder,

Shall we find it?

If it exists at all?


First do no harm or First ask no questions? Thalidomide, Anti-Anxiety Medication, Anti-Depressants, Doctors and the Big Pharma World Wide Web




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Recent reports on Thalidomide state that the German pharmaceutical company that produced it had knowledge that Thalidomide caused birth defects  for at least 2 years prior to its being banned.

An Australian report released last week asserts that not only did that company employ many ex-Nazi war criminals in the form of scientists and doctors, but that one of those of those war criminals was also on the board of the company.

It further assert that Thalidomide itself is a drug devised directly from the many atrocities and torturous ‘medical experiments’ performed at Auschwitz.

Sadly, Thalidomide is not the only so-called pharmaceutical or medical ‘break through’ which began its life in this way.  Many of the  drugs which have emerged since the 1940’s share this same shameful heritage.

Nor are the makers of Thalidomide the only drug company to profit  from the misery their products create.

Time and again we are being shown that fiscal fines offer no deterrent for big companies whose products knowingly cause harm to millions.

Why? Because the amount of money they make from selling harmful products far outweighs the cost of any fines applied to them.

Even when caught there is no jail time involved.

Big Pharma simply has nothing to lose in this equation.

We now live in a world where anti- anxiety and anti-depressant medications are being dispensed like candy to an increasingly stressed and disillusioned population. All this despite the growing level of evidence that some anti-anxiety medications and anti-depressants are more addictive than heroin and just as, if not more, destructive to those who take them.

Isn’t anyone out there stopping to ask why a doctor would prescribe a person suffering extreme anxiety or depression medication that many increase “thoughts of self-harming”?

What on earth is the point of dispensing medication that holds the potential to increase the very symptoms it is supposed to cure?

We need to understand that just because a drug is  being legally made , it  does not necessarily make it a safe drug to take.

That medications prescribed by doctors are neither  safe nor in many instances even  necessary for attaining good health.

In fact, many of the medications that have been manufactured and prescribed for mass consumption are leaving behind a legacy of harm which, as with Thalidomide, hold the potential to impact on future generations.

Many of these medications  can be seen to offer little more than a quick medical fix to the wider societal problem of unhappiness. As such they create more problems than they cure.

Given this it is hard to see how our doctors are not acting as little more than legally sanctioned drug dealers.

Errand boys ,operating  between Big Pharma and the vulnerable populations their drugs are being pimped out too.

What ever  happened to the idea that doctors are supposed to be independent thinkers who read medical journals and research the products they dispense to their patients?

Aren’t they supposed to be the guardians of our health?

Isn’t that what they are trained to do?

Isn’t that what they get paid  the big dollars for?

Their so-called knowledge and ability to discern a good treatment regime from a bad one ?

Isn’t  the motto of the medical fraternity supposed to be ‘first do no harm’?

Or have our doctors stopped taking the Hippocratic Oath and replaced it instead with the motto of ‘first ask no questions’ if profits abound?

Are parents of children with Autism really so wrong to question the role of immunization and other medical treatments in relation to their child’s Autism?

If there’s one clear lesson from the Thalidomide scandal it’s the sure and certain knowledge that legally prescribed drugs can and do cause harm to developing fetuses.

So just how many more scandals  will it take before we understand that the role  of Big Pharma and their profit driven medications offer us no solutions, cures or reductions in the problems of the human condition?

That  in fact, Big Pharma corporations may indeed be creating their own seductively marketed and heavily disguised ‘consumer diseases’ under the guise of the DSMV for  little more than their own fiscal benefits.

Copy And Paste A Blogging Disgrace

Those who can’t do

Copy and paste,

Acting as it if were nothing,

To steal the original works,

Those of us who can do,

Struggle to create,

Posting all of truths,

In trust and in good faith,

These thieves of our works,

Fail to understand,

That in acting in such haste,

They are too often robbing our words,

Of their reason,

Their meaning,

Their grace,

Some say it’s a legitimate way,

For the non-creative to behave,

But I think it equates,

To a shameful act,

Of blogging treason,

And an absolute disgrace.

Cut,Copy and Paste

Those who can’t create…….





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External Hearts

As parents of special needs children,

We  have to learn to stand back,

To let our lovely ones,

Learn to begin to climb their own walls.

Yet this is so much easier said,

Than it ever will be done.

For having a child with Autism,

Is like living a life,

With your heart,

Constantly beating,

Outside of the safety,

Of your chest.

We are always so emotionally exposed.

No matter how strong we think we are,

Just a few unkind words,

Uttered toward or about our child,

Can pierce us in all of our softest places,

In ways,

That others may never,


Perhaps this is why every barb,

Whether intentional or otherwise,

Leaves it’s mark.

So please understand that it’s hard for us,

All of this stepping back,

And letting go,

For our children are not just,

 A part of us,

They are,

Our very,



Equality To The Bone

The simple truth is,

We are all the same,

Nothing shows this more clearly,

Than the view from beneath,

Our own skin.

When you look at this image,

Not only can you not tell,

The gender,

Skin color, sexuality, or religion,

Of the two,

Whose lips dwell,

In an immortalized connection,

But also,

You cannot tell,

Their mental health status,

The level of their physical functionality,

Or the make up of their genetic heritage,

For all of these reasons and more,

Everything above the bone,

Is inconsequential.

Equality to the bone people,

Equality to the bone!