The YES Factor

Have you ever met someone who just seems to get everything they want or need as easily as snapping their fingers?

Lately I’ve been wondering  just why it is, that some people always seem to have doors opened up for them, regardless of their circumstances or level of  personal wealth.

So why is it exactly that some people just seem to lead charmed lives?

By this I don’t mean that ‘charmed people’ necessarily always have the biggest homes or the best careers. In fact, sometimes their levels of personal wealth can virtually be non-existent, yet somehow, every time they ask for something it is given to them.

They can be the parents on welfare who always seem to have aid organizations falling all over themselves to offer food, clothing, rental assistance, Christmas hampers and so on, while the family next door, in exactly the same circumstances can’t even get an aid organization to return their phone calls.

Or the man with everything, who gets caught in the rain and has a stranger offer him an umberella, just at the moment he needs it.

Do you know the kind of people I mean?

The kind of people for whom everything  always seems to fall into place.

Regardless of whether or not they have earned it or deserve it.

In Australia we call these kind of people ‘arsey’.

They just seem to have good luck with everything they do, and even their mistakes somehow turn into fortunate outcomes.

The man who misses the bus that breaks down, the student who fails to finish their assignment on time then finds their teacher’s away, the job applicant who misses out on a lesser position only to be offered a better position the next day.

I’m sure you could add countless examples of those who appear to be living ‘charmed lives’ from your own personal experiences.

But what I want to know is,  what is it about these people that makes YES happen?

Is it just luck?

Is it timing?

Is it personal charisma?

Do they have the word YES somehow stamped into their DNA?

Or is it a virus that you can catch like the flu?

Can you even become a YES magnet if you weren’t born with it?

Just what is it and how do you get it?

How can those of us who most need a good old fashioned YES, become one of the fortunate few for whom the  response YES  becomes, not just one of a multitude of possible options, but instead a fore gone conclusion?

Panopticon of the Lost

The Complete Book of Outer Space

The faceless meet,

In a parallel world

Where men,

No better than animals,


Their  caged,



In tier upon tier,

Of amoebic cells,

Divided one,

Against the other,

Signalling our futile attempt,

At the separation of the state,

Of man ,

From monster,

Pretending as we do,

That cruelty and crime,

Belong to some mystical other,

Criminals are not just men,

With different ways of being,


They are men from outer space,

Men somehow,

Not of our race,

Why do we keep telling this lie,

When the evidence of its fallacy,

Lingers on,

Metal stairs,

Mental stares,

Altered  states,

Why do we still believe,

That all bad men,

Can be watched and controlled,


By good men,

The keepers of justice,

Who walk only a minute of the mile,

The Victims of crime,

Endlessly  travel,

While the monsters rest,

Restrained by television sets,

Behind the bars,

Of key-less locks,

And the synchronised eyes,

Of tax payers cameras.

We wait and watch,

Surveil the lost,

And carry the cost,

Knowing that in truth,

Alien or not,

Our methods of separation,

  Are ineffective.