Body Clocks and Brain Fog

Tackling Circadian Rhythm Disorders

Dear Body Clock,

Please try and understand that 3 Am is not an appropriate hour to finally let me fall asleep.

I’d much prefer 10pm, 10-30, 11pm or if that’s just too much for you to handle, I could see myself settling for 12 am at a push, if I really have too.

Seriously body clock, it’s time to give it up before I lose all sense of comprehension.

You see the milk doesn’t belong in oven, nor the car keys in the sink.

Clearly we simply cannot go on this way.

I can’t continue to let you lull me into drifting my days away on the sea of  hapless brain fog  that your fun and games are creating  for me.

It’s time to put the milk back in the fridge and the car keys back on the hook.

As school is returning in less than 2 weeks, and whilst I have greatly enjoyed relaxing into your unwholesome descent into island time, quite honestly, right about now, I need my sleeping life back.

So please body clock…… what do you say……how about tonight we give 10 o’clock a try?


10 thoughts on “Body Clocks and Brain Fog

  1. Hi Mae, I wake every hr &1/2 or 2, and Since so many yrs taking call, I wake automatically. Last noc I fell asleep at 8:30PM, & was up at 3 AM. Avg wake time is typically 4-5AM. I will keep you in my prayers

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