Could God possibly have Autism?


Okay I’ll admit that when I first saw the quote above, it made me laugh, but then it also made me question whether or not whoever wrote it, could possibly have had more than just a humorous point in mind.

If you think about it, the God depicted in the bible, does indeed display several Autistic traits.

We all know about the story of Noah lining the animals up two by two to keep them safe from forty days and nights of rain, and the 40 days and nights that Jesus spent in the wilderness, as well as the now famous Ten Commandments, but are you aware that God had an extreme fixation on numbers in general?

Or that he paid very particular attention to the number seven?

-          The Seven days of Creation.

-          The Seven Deadly sins.

-          The Seven Seals of Revelation.

-          The Seven churches

-          The Seven Trumpets

-          The Seven years of Abundance

-          The Seven years of Famine

The list goes on and on, in fact the number seven is used to signify events, rules and warnings over seven hundred times in the bible.

There’s also evidence that God has an extreme fixation with rules and displays an absolute insistence that other people follow those rules of woe betide them.

-          There are rules for men.

-          Rules for women.

-          Rules for children.

-          Rules for establishing innocence.

-          Rules for establishing guilt.

-          Rules for acceptable forms of worship.

There are even rules as to which activities can be done on particular days, (the Sabbath day being for rest for example), and an extensive list of rules as to what foods can and can’t be eaten.

Apart from sharing these same attributes with many on the Autism Spectrum, the God in the bible also establishes a very clear eye for the repetition of patterns and a desire to engage in both ritual and ritualistic behaviors.

Not to mention the pedantic obsession with tracing family lineages evident in the bible or the fact that due to God’s compulsion with numbers,  the bible applies an extremely complex numerical referencing system, which is the very thing that enables people to quote scripture, chapter and verse (at you).

If you think compiling such an epic book in this way is not an impressive task, just stop for a minute and ponder how difficult it would be, for a modern-day author to produce a novel in which not only every page had to be numbered but also every paragraph, sentence, theme or concept.

Such diligence would display a similar amount of hyper focus, vigilance and attention to fine detail that those on the Autism Spectrum often share.

So just to recap, the God in the bible displays a fixation with numbers, an obsession with rules and rule following, upholds the notion that certain activities should only be done on certain days, maintains a clear delineation as to which foods should and should not be eaten, has an eye for the repetition of patterns, displays the need for ritualistic behavior and has devised a complex numerical referencing system to keep all of those fine details in line.

So could it be possible that God has Autism?

My guess is, that if someone displaying all of those characteristics walked into a psychologists office, and they were male, they’d more than likely come out with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis.


That Good Old Aspie X Factor Strikes Again

My family and I were watching the X-Factor the other night and one of the judges said to a contestant…..
OMG where did you come from?”…….
To which my daughter responded by face palming her head into her hand while shouting….
” She’s from China…. really…. What’s wrong with these judges? …..Are they blind?”……..
The same judge then said to another contestant….
“Where did that voice come from?”….
My daughter glared at the TV  in complete exasperation, threw her hands up in the air and said………
“From her throat…. where else would a voice come from?……. Honestly I’m not watching this show anymore until they get some intelligent judges!”……
I do so love my Asper girls literal ways……… :)
But I must admit that I will miss watching the X Factor Au  because if she won’t watch it then no one else in the house will be able to watch it either.


Introvert or Extrovert? Are You A Party Goer, A Book Lover or Can You Be Both?


When it comes to personality types in this life, we all have at least one aspect of ourselves that’s predominant.

For some it’s the party going  extrovert, while for others it’s the peace and quiet commonly associated with being an introvert.

As for me?

Well, I’m a good old-fashioned peace craving, book loving, coffee drinking, Techno, Acid House, dancing queen?

Confused yet?

Well, perhaps you should be.

Yes I love books, but I also love, love, love, getting lost in the duff duff throb of techno beats, mixed in with the hazy  undercurrent of hypnotic rhythms winding themselves up and down the tempo, on the dance floor.

Yet despite this, I am not now, nor have I ever been the type of person that anyone would call an extrovert. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

On the dance floor I may superficially appear to be an extrovert but once off the dance floor I immediately revert back to being an extremely mild-mannered, quiet, shy person.

This leads me to question whether or not anyone is ever truly one thing or the other?

So can you be an introverted extrovert?

Or an extroverted introvert for that matter?

What do you think?

Mum… don’t leave your Facebook logged in on my Ipad……

My lovely daughter took over my Facebook for a brief period of time today.
If  any of you received any comments that you felt may perhaps  have been a tad bit unusual from me….
Especially those followed by an XOXO……..
Please know that my daughter enjoyed your posts immensely ……
And of course…..
She left me a message of her very own just to remind me never to be so absent-minded again as to leave my Facebook logged in and unattended.
Below is the message she left me.

This is what I said to my doctors at the asylum ;) xo

P.S I got out 8 weeks ago today :).
Mum don’t leave your Facebook logged in on my iPad…

Oh and just in case any of you are wondering…..
I have not just escaped from the asylum……
And yes….
My girl does indeed have a wicked sense of humor….