Autism – Let Them Shine

the seventh sense

They wait to plead their case,


Cast aside,

I’d love,

To see their faces,

Can we spare the light?

These beautiful minds,

Trapped inside,

Bring them to life,

Let them shine,

So dark,

But I see sparks,

We gotta let them flame,

Let them speak their name,

Let them reach up to the clouds,

Where stars flicker in the distance,

So lonely out in space,

They sing out,

But we’re not listening,

‘Cause we don’t see their face,

But we can’t let them die,

Not when we can make them high,

Hold them like the little miracles,

That live inside,

Let them shine,

Let them live,

Let them read,

Let them grow,

Let them love,

Hold them close,

Let them know,

They’ll get through the darkness,

Ordinary people,

Can be hero’s,

Don’t blow out their light,

Cause they can’t eat if we don’t feed them,

They can’t read if we don’t teach them,

There is no life,

If we just hide them,

Don’t just let them die.

Let them shine,

Let them shine on,

Be an ordinary hero,

And let them shine on.

These words are not my own. They are lyrics adapted from John Legends  beautiful song “Shine”. Although this song wasn’t written about Autism, the moment I heard it, it made me think of my son and of all the other children with Autism out there who deserve to be treated with love, understanding, respect and most importantly, to be allowed to “shine”.  It also made me think of all the ordinary every day Autism parents, the everyday, ordinary hero’s, who do what they do, not out of a sense of duty, but out of  pure love for their children.

You will always be my hero’s for helping your children to shine.

No Longer Invisible Darling Girl


No Longer Invisible Darling Girl….. a beautifully written expression of what it’s really like for a mother to walk alongside her daughter on the pathway towards a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome……

Originally posted on A View From My Summerhouse:

It’s been bad. It’s heavy. Bring on whatever it has to be, I can take it, but please don’t let my daughter suffer.  There is nothing worse than watching your children go through the hell of despair.

Today I wanted to write a light-hearted post about the birds visiting my garden, about my cats, about the lovely rain and the sunshine, but I cannot.  The words evade me.  I am lost inside a murky shadowland, staggering about looking for some kind of light, any kind of light.

My daughter suffers, entrapped in a world of isolation, hopelessness and yes, rage, that only someone with Aspergers can understand.  I am her mother and I think I understand, but I don’t, not really, though Lord above, how I try.

I try to explain to people what it really means for her to have Aspergers.  Yes, she went to school, gained a handful…

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A Different Life – By Donna Woods


Before you were born
 I imagined how it would be
 And what I'd say to you
 And what you would say to me
I pictured what we would do
 And I planned what life would hold
 But all of that had to change
 The day that I was told
A different life awaited us
 From the one that I had thought
 And a lesson in Autism
 Was going to be taught
Things would be difficult
 And times could be tough
 I would sometimes wonder
 Why my love is just not enough
But then I'd come to realise
 That the journey that we're on
 Is just a different route
 And it sometimes may feel long
I'd have to think of other ways
 To meet the dreams I'd planned
 Autism had placed me
 In a new and mysterious land
We could still have fun
 And we could still learn
 Even if some days
 I didn't know which way to turn
Although life was different
 I'd make sure it was complete
 I wouldn't give up on life
 And I wouldn't admit defeat
There would still be a world out there
 For us to seek and explore
 And for you I would do anything
 My special child who I adore
Before you were born
 I planned our life together
 And I'll be there to hold your hand
 Today, tomorrow and forever

© Donna Woods 2013

Top of Form

Bottom of Form


So why all the animals ?????? This post is in honor of my middle son…… I really do see you my lovely young one.


I rarely write about my middle child.


My youngest son who  so willingly engages,67935_541838245867555_1087220439_n Within in his own silent and peaceful universe.


The universe he’s created to escape the lack of attention he receives  from me when ever I’m busy dealing with either the needs of my eldest son or the melt downs of my youngest daughter.


I know sometimes he thinks that I forget to see to him.


That I forget to listen to, or hear him.


Or that I forget to think of him and his needs amidst the daily jungle of our lives.


I’d like to say that he’s perspectives are neither accurate nor true,



11744_548751435176236_736055841_nIf I’m honest,


I know that sometimes he’s right.


So in order to show him that I do see him,


That I do listen to him and think about him,


His interests and his needs,


I’ll often search the internet for amazing wildlife photos of the animals  I know he loves and adores.


He is a child of nature.


And he loves all creatures big and small.


This is his way of coping.


And I love taking the time to  see, appreciate and understand the sense of wonder that still exists within his precious soul.


So this post is for you my lovely young lion.521850_543994382318608_1741177800_n

And this is your mother’s way of saying she’s watching over and loving  you just as much too <3