From innocence to awareness….Butterflies and skin….. Human transformation.

From the unaware  innocence of this photo……….


To the almost rock star awareness of this one ……

honey bees in a tree

I used to marvel at butterflies,

And their whole transformation thing,

But now I must admit,

That  I am even more  amazed,

By my children’s reactions,

To the adjustments,

That time brings,

And just like a butterfly unfolding its wings,

As their bodies change and grow,

So to, do their minds expand,

Reaching ever outwards,

With the rippling of each new year,

And I admit that I watch them,

With a maternal fascination,

As their increasing sense of awareness,

Begins to emerge more fully,

From beneath the wisdom,

Contained within the heartbeats,

That  were once cocooned inside me,

Yet now exist,

So freely and abundantly,

Beneath the miracle,

Of their own individually,

Unique skins.

And  as I watch  their transformation,

I wonder silently to myself,

Whether or not we’re all  life’s butterflies,

Living out.

Our own unique,

Sequential lines,

Of  human transformation?