I (Eye) Contact

Art work by Carne Griffit

Art work by Carne Griffit

It’s not so much that I avoid ‘I’ contact,

It’s more that I avoid your contact.

On my own I am fine,

It’s only when you insist on designing,

My time,

That I am perceived to be broken,

But these cracks are not my own,

They are entirely of your making.

So why is it that you insist so,

On fixing the parts of me,

That are not broken?

You see,

On my own I am fine,

I can make of myself,

My own safe island.

It is you who invade my shores,

Replacing my thoughts with your own,

Meaningless tokens.

Please do not insist so,

On breaking me open,

I do not wish to engage with your ideals of I contact,

Can’t you see I have my own?

33 thoughts on “I (Eye) Contact

      • I have never been able to write creatively, so I admire those who can. I can write you one heck of a research paper, though :)

      • lol…. I greatly appreciate academic writing…. I finished my thesis last year so I’m taking a break from it right now and delving back into the creative side. I did notice that during my academic years I wrote very little on the lighter side of life so I’m really enjoying the opportunity to have a bit of a play. What area of research are you interested in?

      • I have tried to reply to your comment, but they keep disappearing. So, I’ll make it real short this time: Sociology (B of A), Criminology (concentration), Abnormal Psych, and Comparative Religion are my favorite research subjects. I also tend to be quite vocal about mental health.

    • Indeed Ian…. it’s only when the external world with all it’s time tables, rules and regulations crashes in on us that my son and I truly experience problems….. I can well understand his resentment at being torn away from the things he loves to attend appointments and such….. in comparison home life is fairly calm most days.

  1. Beautiful I think we as adults sometimes forget our childs right to personal space how often we say kiss grandma give grandad a hug considering far more the other persons feelings than whether the child feels like it or not. I try not to or to at least ask my son do you wanna give grandma a kiss bye bye but I know I am guilty of forgetting at times an issuing it as an instruction

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      • I tend to feel both ways – sometimes I am ‘connected’. I just know, when the energy’s gone, I want to be left alone … and I’m fine that way until everyone gets offended.

      • I can understand that. Sometimes I enjoy being with people, yet other times I feel as if I’m completely over peopled and I just need to go off and have a few quiet days on my own. I realize that others seem to find this need to withdraw strange but it is just how I am.

      • Exactly – that need to withdraw can cause hurt feelings and relationship strains – but it is a non-negotiable.

  3. This is marvellous. It really resonates on the level of being a mum and for myself as I tried to write from inside my sons’ heads then realised I was also writing about me. We are all who we are; the insides of our heads are painted in infinite colour combinations and we don’t need an interior designer to tell us how to re-decorate.

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