Word Hugs

Don’t you just love the way a good book can embrace you. Take you in and carry you far, far, away, from the worries of the every day, or reflect some essential truth, hidden in the mist of  daily being?

Words can hug you,

Holding you joyously captive,

Before gently releasing you,

Back into the ebb and flow of life,

Adding always some fresh ingredient,

To the heady worldly  mix,

Of thoughts and feelings,

That eternally surround you.

Words can become life rafts,

Keeping you afloat,

In the ocean of emotions,

That can sometimes threaten,

To drag you under.

Words can hold and hug you,

Keeping you warm and safe,

Becoming a source of nutrients,

Especially when the world outside,

Removes  all semblance,

Of  its grace.

I love finding  authors whose words somehow, always, make you feel as if you are coming home. No matter what the genre. Here are a few authors that always hold me in their words Jane Austen, Mary Shelley,  Virginia Wolf,  Jeanette Winterson, Jenny Diski,   Jodi Picoult, Maeve Binchey,  Stephen Donaldson, Tess Gerritsen, Karen Rose and Karin Slaughter ….. the list quite simply could go on and on…..

Which authors words reach out and hug you?


27 thoughts on “Word Hugs

  1. Words can embolden, empower,
    amplify who you are, and,
    when lost in the fog, words play the lighthouse,
    Guiding you from dangerous shores,
    Back into the ocean of creation.

    Sorry you inspired me. Anyway! Love the poem, your words are very true. And, I have only recently discovered such; finding myself, because of the guiding hands of the written word.

    As for authors, Stephen King, George R. R. Martin, Robert Frost, John Donne, Shakespeare, and I agree it can go on, and on, and on my friends. Thanks again for the thought, and the inspiration.

    1. Fantastic poem!!!!! Thank you for sharing it. I am so happy that my meager words have inspired such wonderful writing. I really enjoy Shakespeare and I used to stroll with wicked delight through the world of Stephen King until I had my son. Not sure why I stopped reading him then. Strange.

  2. Hmmm that is interesting. Perhaps it is just motherhood trimming away the dark/horror fat? But you are most welcome, and there is nothing meager to your words, each of your poems have struck a cord with me. And, I look forward to the next!

    Have a good one eh.

  3. I love this poem and the perspective, very creative and thank you so much for including my poem in your related articles! I appreciate it very much! 🙂 Regarding authors, I am a “hopeful” romantic and suspense reader and as you said, the list goes on…Enjoy those word hugs!

  4. In the beginning was the Word. A word is the most powerful thing that there is. It is also the most alive thing that there is. A word has got swallowed up inside it the whole of creation.

    A language and poetry are one. Words are themselves poems. A languge is not simply the medium, the vehicle through which to give body to an idea – something for clothing poetry with. The word itself, the sound and the look of it, its life and shape altogether apart from its meaning, has got its own magic and its own poetry. (Herman Charles Bosman)

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I could not agree more. Words hold a power of their very own. The words we use color our days and create our world. I love the idea of clothing poetry…. very nice = )

  5. You must be an amazing person to create such as awesome blog. I can sense a lot more things happening here than mere expression of ideas… Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you so much Goodpal for your lovely words of encouragement. I’d love to know what else you sense happening within my blog besides the expression of ideas.

  6. Hi Seventhvoice, what a beautiful sentiment! (the photo’s not too shabby either!) Thanks so much for introducing yourself by following our site. You probably have noticed that we love playing with words, and it’s so apt to anthropomorphize them into hugs. (Living halfway around the world from our family sometimes they are the only type of hug available to us.) Cheers!

    1. Thank you for your warm welcome and king words. Yes sometimes word hugs are the only type of hugs one can receive. So glad you enjoyed my post and I look forward to reading more words from the Raxa Collective 🙂

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