Falling Into the Words of Others……. The Benefits of Reading Blogs

Black pearl and its shell

Sometime people ask me why I bother with blogging. After all they reason, “Isn’t caring for your son a full-time job in and of itself?  What with all the battles you go through just trying to get your son’s rights to have his abilities recognized and taken seriously by others, why on earth do you want to write about Autism? How do you even have the energy  to  write about anything?”

I must admit that some days, when the fights been particularly long and hard, and the shawl of defeat hangs itself across my shoulders like some desperately unwanted shroud that marks me out as a person who feels as shatteringly misunderstood and out-of-place in this world as the missing puzzle piece that has ironically become the universal symbol for Autism, I wonder why I bother blogging too.

But then I read the words of others and they enrich me in ways that help me pull myself back together and enable me to once again  begin to view life from a broader perspective.

A perspective that helps me replace my temporary and insular micro filter  of defeat  and instead enables me to attach a wider lens that lets me know that I am indeed part of a greater whole.

A lens that is in fact so wide that it incorporates all of the issues that are facing so many different people from more walks of life than there are colors in the rainbow.

Reading the words of others reminds me that life is like a pearl.

An organic composition that builds upon itself,

Layer by layer,

Feeding on past irritations,

Forming silently within the enclosed darkness,

That cements it into place.

And that it is only when the shell is opened up and those layers of irritation are revealed, that the pearl itself becomes transformed by the eyes of others, into a thing of beauty.

Blogging I think works in the same way. So regardless of whether or not the opening up of our shells brings either tears or joy, the mere act of making the effort to reveal ourselves, our lives and our stories, to the world, is an  achievement all in itself.

For some I know the process of blogging, of paring oneself back to bare bones to see who and what they are, of bring their true selves to the surface, is a painful one. For others it can be cathartic, light-hearted or even whimsical, but always, always without fail, regardless of what the topic may be or how it is presented, there are always pearls of wisdom to be found within the words of others.

Sometimes, I admit, I don’t find the pares straight away.

Sometimes it takes an event occurring within my own life to shake me and wake up to the memory of reading another’s words about a similar situation before I can understand the points I’d missed.

It is in these moments of missed recognition that I will go back and search through Word Press until I find the post I’m looking for. Often along the way I will find many, many more posts dealing with the same issues that I had previously and erroneously thought were not mine to deal with.

The more posts I read, the more pearls of wisdom I gather and the greater my own levels of awareness, understanding and compassion grows.

Some of your posts make me cry. Some make me smile. Others make my head nod up and down while reading along with the unspoken acknowledgment of a shared truth. Still others make me shake my head in exasperation.

Yet I have learned that regardless of whether or not I agree or disagree with a post, or whether it makes me laugh or cry, there is always some element of experience or knowledge that takes me out of myself, out of my life with Autism and expands my world view.

You make me aware that although all of our personal truths may indeed be different, they are all indeed truths and should be respected as such.

So I bear in mind, as I am reading your posts, that some of you may be speaking of truths that I have yet to learn and some of you may be speaking of personal truths that may never be my own. Just as my personal truths may never be yours to experience in real-time.

Yet regardless I appreciate the privilege of seeing so many different people, each living different lives, in so many different cities, with as many different faces,  telling their silent truths with words all across the globe.

Indeed this world that we all inhabit, our globe, is shaped like a pearl.

This is what makes me think now that wisdom can be found not only by looking deeply into the parts of us that hurt us the most, but  in the very act of opening up our shells and letting ourselves be exposed to the light cast by the minds of others.

For sometimes, it is only when being viewed through the words of others, that our own personal truths, our own pearls of wisdom, become finally apparent, even to ourselves.

This is why I love reading and falling into the words of others.

So thank you to each and every blogger whose words have allowed me to gain a new perspective and glimpse those pearls earned from your own hard-won wisdom.


70 thoughts on “Falling Into the Words of Others……. The Benefits of Reading Blogs

  1. “And that it is only when the shell is opened up and those layers of irritation are revealed, that the pearl itself becomes transformed by the eyes of others, into a thing of beauty.”
    Love that line, so poetic.
    “For some I know the process of blogging, of paring oneself back to bare bones to see who and what they are, of bring their true selves to the surface, is a painful one.”
    When I started blogging I hadn’t got a clue why I was doing it but I see that it was added to my journey and JUST what I needed and still need.
    Thank you for your post and your support today.
    Love and hugs. Lisa. xx :)

  2. I don’t understand why anyone would ever ask you why you blog in a condescending manner, because you want to talk, because you want to be heard, because you want to know you aren’t alone with your struggles, or just to have a break… how dare they. I am very disappointed in those that make you feel bad about doing something you enjoy. Tell them to mind their own, they cannot possibly know your life. Like my Mom would say “Flick them off like a booger” and keep posting!

  3. Blogging is how you are expressing part of your creativity and no-one is meant to question anyone’s creativity. I look forward to reading more of yours. Jane :-)

  4. This touched my heart. When I first discovered WordPress I didn’t read a lot, and that has changed dramatically. There are so many amazing people from all walks of life here, and reading their stories one layer at a time is definitely enriching my life too. I find it worthwhile to spend the time, and wish I had more to spare! :)

    • I agree WilderSoul…. I try to put aside at least one morning every weekend to read as many blogs as I can. I may not be able to unfold them and spread them out across the table, as I would News Paper, yet reading the genuine words of others, for me beats reading the Sunday Post hands down. Thank you so much for commenting :)

  5. Reblogged this on Wildersoul and commented:
    A word of appreciation to all bloggers out there. What an enriching experience you are providing through your words, pictures, and everything else you put into your blogs. Including heart and soul. Keep it up :)

  6. You see, this is one of those posts that makes me sit back and think to myself, “Boy, have I been wrong?” Yes. Yes I have been wrong. Of course, I see this everyday.

    First, I witnessed poetry in this writing. Perhaps it is not relevant, but those are the eyes that I read with most often.

    Second, thank you. This is enlightening because, oft-times, as I am reading, I am much too critical of what I am reading. Very critical. So critical that I don’t even take the time to consider that not everyone’s truth is my truth and that, perhaps it is my background and all those things that have shaped my life, those things that have made me so different from others that should help me to appreciate those who don’t see as I see. Humanity. Their words are just as important as my own, and I lose site of that sometimes, and this post just helped me remember that.

    Thank you, SeventhVoice. This post is lovely on many levels, especially on those of Truth and Insight. It’s…real.

    • Thank you Sahm…. I realized when I first began blogging that although all personal truths may indeed be different, they are still powerful elements within the lives of whom ever took the time to write them. I learned long ago that you can’t be fully engaged within any form of culture unless you are first willing to honor and respect the personal truths of others, even if you disagree with them. How else are you to expect others to honor and respect your own personal truths if you are unable to accept theirs? Personal truths are subjective truths. Nothing makes me more aware of this than being a member of the Autism community. Where no two views are ever the same and yet….. neither are they entirely wrong, unjustified or inconsequential when read from the perspective of accepting them as personal truths. We all walk different paths. Some are on the high road and some are on the low. Yet most of us are somewhere in the middle of our journeys and even though we may pass each other as we travel, we are all wearing different shoes. Some have holes that let the chill of the world through while others are thick, insulating their wearers from the very elements that others face. As we read we learn not only about the differences within the lives of others but also the differences within our own. I hold not the same thoughts that I held ten years ago……. And the same may be true of tomorrow.

  7. Thanks for writing this! How true is it, that we encounter these pearls of wisdom through sharing our suffering, and our victories. Your pearl analogy is just purely genius. xx I may be inspired to re-blog this if you are Ok with that!
    My writing is that from a Buddhist perspective, and much like the pearl we often sit in darkness and suffering building an unshakable foundation of self… Providing light to the world through buddhist perspective and wisdom.
    I am also reminded through your writing, that of the paua. A delicacy from the sea, in my country.
    The paua, much similar to the pearl over years has forged and protected a beautiful inner good.

    Anyway, thanks for inspiring me to write another post. xx Keep up your fight! You sound like a fabulous mother xx

    • Thank you so much for very kind and thoughtful words. I’d sincerely both appreciate and be honored if you were to reblog my post and in this way share my own words with others.

  8. It’s apparent you blog because you have an amazing voice and ability to weave words. I’m glad you haven’t listened to the voices telling you not to, but the voices of the blogosphere!

  9. Thank you for following my blog. First of all, I love the way to write your posts. You start of with such a simple point and then, you turn towards another, related point, enlarging the sphere of thoughts…lovely. I will keep on reading your blog. You seem to be a very different person! :D

  10. Eloquent and poignant. I agree with every word, and have felt the same way through the entire process of blogging. Thanks for following me, and I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. This one is wonderful!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to drop by and for sharing your kind words. I too am looking forward to getting to know your blog and reading more of your wonderful posts

  11. ‘You make me aware that although all of our personal truths may indeed be different, they are all indeed truths and should be respected as such.’

    thank you for this and for the easy wisdom written so beautifully in this post. just thought i’d visit a bit, thank you the likes and now follow. now having read a small sample of your own writing, i appreciate it even more.:-)

    thank you again and keep the::::light::::

    • Thank you who-could-have-known , for your many compliments and for taking the time to come by and read one of my posts. Your comments are deeply appreciated and I will look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

  12. What a beautiful post,filled with so much emotion. Your words show such depth and understanding of the human condition. Simply beautiful and hank you for following my blog, i look forward to following yours as well.

  13. Listen, lady, you are seriously pulling at my heart strings! I’ve worked with children with ASD and I can appreciate the challenges that you face and will continue to face. You are such a strong inspiring woman. I welled up reading that. YOU are a pearl!

  14. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your post here is lovely. I love your openness. Bogging really is an amazing experience to me as well. I will be back as I follow your blog. :)

  15. You have a lovely space here, and I enjoyed reading your “About”. I am tickled you enjoyed visiting my little corner of the blogging world enough to subscribe. I’m always good for positive energy and a lift if needed. Hugs, Margie

  16. Thank you for reminding me why I blog and why I am reading yours right now… it’s good get back to the right perspective again, I thought I was starting to lose it! Thanks! -nerdwithtaste.wordpress.com

  17. “the mere act of making the effort to reveal ourselves, our lives and our stories, to the world, is an achievement all in itself.”
    I cannot agree enough. Blogging is a therapy for me.

    • was about to say the same thing.. how blogging is therapeutic and all.:) It’s just nice to surround yourself with people who share the same passion (even if it’s just virtually) :)

  18. Pingback: longest ever & only part 1 | A telescope

  19. Thank you Seventh, I have found your blog so inspiring, helpful and packed full of up-to-the-minute information about all things ASD, especially Asperger’s, and you have really blessed me with your beautifully written posts. Blogging is community and like you, I have been so blessed to have found it and met so many wonderful people here, not to mention learnt so much!

    I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award because I really do think you and your blog are so lovely. It’s yours for the taking if you wish, no rules – yay!- and here is the link: http://sherrimatthewsblog.com/2013/11/13/first-frost-melts-in-the-heat-of-dragons-loyalty-award/

    I do truly wish you a simply lovely day :-)
    Sherri x

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