Stop Expecting Me To Apologize For Being Who I Am

Artwork by Jasmin Junger
Artwork by Jasmin Junger

“I am not “lazy” because I can’t function emotionally or mentally in the general work force.

I am not “weak” because I have a hard time processing emotions and am easily overwhelmed by the emotions of others.

“I am not a “recluse” because I prefer to stay at home where I feel most in control and safe.

I am not “anti-social” because I cannot handle large public gatherings and can only handle one or two friends at a time.”

I am not “stupid” because I cannot understand some math concepts and have a hard time with my handwriting and communicating verbally at times.

I am not what you want or need me to be

I am Autistic and I don’t have to apologize for that to anyone.”

These powerful words  by represent  the way many with Autism feel about the overwhelming expectations placed on them by a society that refuses to accept them for who they are and instead replaces understanding with often cruel and ignorant  judgements.

lennemi’s words have been reproduced on this blog with the full permission of the author.

They are part of a brilliant post which I urge you to find here 

5 thoughts on “Stop Expecting Me To Apologize For Being Who I Am

  1. There was a man who failed his maths in school and couldn’t tie his own shoes. His name was Albert Einstein. Need we say more? I really loved the poem and you have nothing to Apologise for. We are all originals and that is what makes us fascinating, unique and priceless!

  2. I learned we are all on this planet together & every person has suffering & feels fear at different times because we are wired that way for survival. No one is at fault. The truth is we are all worthy of kindness & compassion, & I learned about this through “-The Mindful Path to Self Compassion” by Christopher Germer, Ph.D, & Dr. Kristen Neff’s book’s “Self-Compassion. Those with brains wired differently are the same in the need for kindness & respect. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability. It helps me.

  3. This is wonderful! I believe there are so many of us that have been wanting to say these exact words. Words are a very powerful and beautiful thing when used wisely.

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