‘Gen Why?’ – Perception Deception

“Most days are full of meaningless uninvited interactions with the same kind of simple minded individuals, that indeed would have definitely complained about the inconvenience that little old pointless road had caused them.

They’d never have considered that, on some nights, a pointless underpopulated road leading to nowhere is, exactly the right destination”.

I recently stumbled across the above piece of writing by   bluedandylionsoul by a new blogger on  WordPress and really enjoyed contemplating many of the challenging concepts hidden within it.

It left me pondering whether or not the meaning of life is meant to be found within the journey of being or the destination of becoming someone?

Or are we all simply being mislead by both the questions and the answers we arrive at concerning these issues?

Are both the journey and the destinations nothing short of being perception deceptions?

Are we all, as Millgram believed, merely puppets with perception, who, on the odd occasion manage to sense the stirrings of the strings that propel us along?

I would urge all those of you who are interested in such concepts to click on link and read the authors short story.






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Word Hugs

Don’t you just love the way a good book can embrace you. Take you in and carry you far, far, away, from the worries of the every day, or reflect some essential truth, hidden in the mist of  daily being?

Words can hug you,

Holding you joyously captive,

Before gently releasing you,

Back into the ebb and flow of life,

Adding always some fresh ingredient,

To the heady worldly  mix,

Of thoughts and feelings,

That eternally surround you.

Words can become life rafts,

Keeping you afloat,

In the ocean of emotions,

That can sometimes threaten,

To drag you under.

Words can hold and hug you,

Keeping you warm and safe,

Becoming a source of nutrients,

Especially when the world outside,

Removes  all semblance,

Of  its grace.

I love finding  authors whose words somehow, always, make you feel as if you are coming home. No matter what the genre. Here are a few authors that always hold me in their words Jane Austen, Mary Shelley,  Virginia Wolf,  Jeanette Winterson, Jenny Diski,   Jodi Picoult, Maeve Binchey,  Stephen Donaldson, Tess Gerritsen, Karen Rose and Karin Slaughter ….. the list quite simply could go on and on…..

Which authors words reach out and hug you?