Notes on Deconstructing Privilege


This is a fantastic post exploring what privilege is, how it is accrued and what it brings with it. I agree with it’s writer that we all have to take our turn at disrupting the train of privilege so that we might lessen the perpetual gap between the ‘heard’ and the ‘unheard’ in our society.

Originally posted on Cellar Door:

What is Privilege?

Access to information, social networks, time and money. Access to human and civil rights, legal protection and safety. This access can vary from slight to enormous.

Being seen as an individual, even if our group status strongly influences some factor about us. Having our experiences be validated as “authentic, normal or natural” by the media, the mainstream narrative and popular discourse.

Having privilege does not (necessarily) mean you are a terrible, oppressive person. It does however, mean that you have a stake in allowing your own privileged system of oppression to continue — whether that system is racism, classism, casteism, transphobia, homophobia, communalism, colonialism, islamophobia, ableism, anti-immigrant, anti-femininity, fat-phobia, anti-sex work or sexism — you gain from its continuing existence and power.

Having privilege does not mean having no pain in life. We all struggle, we all suffer. However privilege ensures a soft, foamy surface when we do…

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